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WeSearch Market Research Brazil is a leading market research company, founded in 2005, specialized and experienced in this business follow-up. We have worked in Latin America with a highly qualified team and advanced technology. We are able to offer customized and effective solutions to meet the specific demands of each of our customers. 

The company's mission is to provide valuable information and strategic insights to help its customers make informed decisions and achieve success in their business.

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Human Capital and Technology
We believe that the combination of technology and human expertise is critical to providing reliable and valuable results in market research projects.

Itamy Praxedes

Mainly responsible for defining goals, deadlines, methodologies and any other variables with clients.

Lilian Santana

Dedicated to maintaining the criteria for monitoring the collection,  verification and quality control of data from fieldwork.

Felipe Campelo

General field supervisor. Directly attributed to mandatory deadlines with fieldwork coordinators for quality verification in data collection and field interviews.

Clara Nunes

General fieldwork coordinator. Responsible for instructing and maintaining interviewers, collection and quality of field work, in loco.